Enable your entire team to model in the BIM

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We unlock the benefits of BIM across the entire project team

AEC Professionals
Project Managers
Vendors and Suppliers

Empower multidisciplinary teams to co-author the Revit BIM in one platform

Stop wasting time extracting and distributing BIM data to project stakeholders.

Xyicon enables sharing portions of your model with external team members to view, update, and contribute to its progress. You retain the final word to what is synced back to Revit.

AEC Professional writing on a tablet looking at BIM data

Gain a new level of hands-on control in the BIM design process

Limitations on owner participation in the BIM design process prohibits oversight to monitor and edit asset information.

Xyicon allows direct access to the BIM integrating your team into the design build process, previously limited to Revit professionals. Keep your finger on the pulse of project design by having access to review and amend asset data throughout the construction lifecycle.

Business owners discussing plans around a table

Simplify synchronization between BIM specifications and team deliverables

Manually reconciling ever-changing BIM extracts results in rework, time-intensive processes, and delayed feedback.

Xyicon facilitates a centralized portal to access your BIM to plan and manage asset configurations, troubleshoot issues, track progress, and obtain actionable insights to run your projects efficiently.

Project manager showing plans to team

Directly access the Revit BIM for effective planning & execution

Restricted access to the BIM severely limits vendors' ability to respond to evolving equipment counts and specs during planning and deployment.

Xyicon provides real-time accessibility to vital information in the BIM, so you can complete mission critical tasks faster.

Vendor and supplier shaking hands

Your integrated asset information modelling platform for construction projects

Simplest way to access the BIM without Revit software or training

Xyicon SaaS platform equips the entire project team with online access to view and update the Revit BIM.

Explore asset data in our proprietary mixed 2D/3D viewer. Xyicon allows users to control how they interact with Revit elements such as furniture and equipment on a floorplan.

No Revit investment, training or modelling skills are required.


Accelerate design collaboration across all stakeholders

Using our add-in, link your Revit project with Xyicon and synchronize views and families.

Make changes to asset data bi-directionally between your Revit model and Xyicon effortlessly. As the external project team updates the BIM, the internal AEC team can review and approve changes made to the Revit model.

Xyicon will help you:

  • lay out new or additional furniture, assets and equipment
  • move its placements
  • rotate its positions
  • delete assets
  • view & edit its parameters

Work with BIM data in tables & spreadsheets

Copy & paste modeled objects from your BIM directly to your spreadsheet. This will automatically populate your object data in tabular form ready for review & analysis.

Add or mass update equipment properties within Xyicon and share it with your team.

Export and import your BIM asset data to and from Excel. These changes will be synced back to Revit.


Xyicon Tools

Use Xyicon to add more value to your Revit BIM seamlessly—no matter where your work takes you.


Cloud around pencil

Provide quick feedback with annotation and drawing tools such as arrows, boxes, callouts, highlights, free-hand and more.


Two stacked reports

User-defined insights to help you analyze every detail of your model.


Folder with three different documents

Store files, documents and photos relevant to objects.

Custom Calculations

Function symbol with calculation signs

Write custom calculations to already existing asset data parameters.

Issue Tracker

Warning over loading bar

Flag and track issues in assets. Assign them to anyone to address it. 


Three nodes linked to eachother

Link any number of equipment to people or locations to define relationships and interdependencies.

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