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Space Visualization

See your space like never before! Upload your PDF design document to the Xyicon platform – be it a floor plan, a parking plan, even a microchip layout – and let visualization help you solve your unique, specific problems. Our convenient point to point measurement tool allows you to define your space to scale, giving you a realistic view of your space in both 2D and 3D. ​


Formula Fields

Work with sums, averages, ranges, and data values to perform complex calculations and make data-driven decisions. Use it to generate a list of peripheral equipment by model, get equipment counts, calculate electrical load and much more. Say goodbye to manual calculation with Formula Fields.​



Xyicons are interactive, linkable icons that you can view in both 2D and 3D. Represent anything you want, including your assets, employees, power outlets and data ports. Xyicons can also be used as a documentation tool to store data such as warranty documents, equipment manuals, standard software and even images of the equipment for greater transparency. The easy-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality allows you to conveniently map your space with Xyicons!​



Draw boundaries to segment and define your digital space such as departments, offices, labs, manufacturing areas, and more. Define and store attributes related to the identified spaces and propagate this data when you link it to assets within the space. Create a layout template by setting up your Xyicons and boundaries and replicate it across your space.​​


Custom Reports

Slice and dice your project data to generate reports that support your specific needs. Create reports that offer summary data and equipment counts. See your data in tabular form, in graphical form or as a combination. Our custom-designed reports can cover any use-case you have in mind and makes data analysis highly efficient by letting you see and present your data your way.​

More features

Custom Views

Custom Views allows you to see data in different layers. Filter data based on specific needs of your workflow such as creating views to see all your data ports or where your computers are placed on a floor plan. Caption these layers and apply formatting rules to gain powerful insights from your data. See more and do more with Xyicon.​

3D Mode

Walkthrough your to-scale 3D space to identify challenges and potential issues. In addition to 3D spaces, Xyicon comes with an extensive catalog of 3D Xyicons that can be defined to scale and be used to populate your space.​


Create a custom catalog of objects such as medical equipment, furniture, IT equipment, or employees. Segregate your data into groups, with the ability to add any number of fields to document granular information such as quantity, manufacturer, model, cost, and much more.​

Attach Documents

Use Xyicons and Boundaries as data repositories. Attach images and documents such as field photos, user manuals, warranties, or maintenance checklists to its associated Xyicon or boundary.​