Leverage your data in a way not possible with a spreadsheet.

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Our revolutionary approach to data visualization empowers you with SpaceRunner's powerful collection of simple to use features.


Our robust reporting tools deliver summary grid data, customized floor plan layouts and completely
tailored designs.

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Calculated Fields

Work with sums, averages, ranges and data values to perform calculations on a boundary or xyicon to display data-based outcomes.​

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Attach Files

Attach images and documents such as field photos, user manuals, vendor warranties or  maintenance checklists, to its associated xyicon.​

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Excel Integration

Synchronize data updates between SpaceRunner and Microsoft Excel in real-time, using the Excel Add-in feature.

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Revit Integration

Connect Revit BIM models with SpaceRunner’s advanced data visualization features to gain increased accuracy in planning your layout.​

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Custom Views

Create and save custom views to
suit the specific needs of your workflow. Assign captions and apply formatting rules to gain powerful insights from your data.

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Measuring Tool

Calculate area dimensions, measure distances between lines or trace perimeters in your illustration. Change the scale of measurement to match your documents specification.​

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Create a custom catalogue of objects such as IT equipment, furniture or even people using xyicons.​

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Transform PDFs into 3D models

Visualize your space in a 3D setting and transform your illustration into an interactive digital environment.

Your illustration could be a:
• Floorplan
• Elevation
• Revit drawing
• Planogram diagram.

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Empower users with conditional formatting

Apply color formatting rules to Xyicons and boundaries to meet a specific criteria,  identify status updates and make better visual decisions.

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Convert spreadsheets
into dynamic icons

Xyicons are the transformation of spreadsheet data into dynamic icons so that you can see your data on the diagrams, maps and floor plans, where they are located.

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Annotate Illustrations
with mark-ups

The mark-up tool can help you
annotate your space, highlight areas of concern, give recommendations to team members, or even measure distances and areas.

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Create relational
data with links

Consider important relationships when designing your space. Links represent connections among objects, helping you get visual insights instantly.

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Categorize PDFs
with boundaries

Boundaries segment and define your digital space; it will store the attributes related to the identified zone and propagate this data when you link it to another object.​

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Start Thinking Outside Spreadsheets

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