Think Outside the Spreadsheet

The first platform uniquely designed to merge your spreadsheet data with PDF diagrams creating an entirely new environment for your team to manage projects.

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What can you do with Xyicon?

Organizations use Xyicon to better understand their data.
Reduce Errors | Shorten Timelines | Improve Decisions

Asset tracking

Asset Tracking

Maintain a visual inventory of assets, locate equipment on interactive floor plans and deploy your maintenance team efficiently.

Space planning

Space Planning

Visualize occupancy status, create seating charts, plan moves, layout equipment and keep your team in sync.

Asset Condition Survey

Asset Condition Survey

Visually manage workflows, track preventative maintenance, simplify data collection, generate status maps and keep your assets in peak performance.

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Xyicon's Key Features

Our data visualization features empower you to extract next level value from your data, revolutionizing the way you work.

Transform PDFs into 3D models

Visualize your space in a 3D setting and transform your illustration into an interactive digital environment.

Your illustration could be a:
• Floorplan
• Elevation
• Revit drawing
• Planogram diagram.

Transform PDFs into 3D models

Empower users with conditional formatting

Apply color formatting rules to Xyicons and boundaries to meet a specific criteria,  identify status updates and make better visual decisions.

Empower users with conditional formatting

Convert spreadsheets
into dynamic icons

Xyicons are the transformation of spreadsheet data into dynamic icons so that you can see your data on the diagrams, maps and floor plans, where they are located.

Convert spreadsheets into dynamic icons

Annotate Illustrations
with mark-ups

The mark-up tool can help you
annotate your space, highlight areas of concern, give recommendations to team members, or even measure distances and areas.

Annotate Illustrations with mark-ups

Create relational
data with links

Consider important relationships when designing your space. Links represent connections among objects, helping you get visual insights instantly.

Create relational data with links

Categorize PDFs
with boundaries

Boundaries segment and define your digital space; it will store the attributes related to the identified zone and propagate this data when you link it to another object.​

Categorize PDFs with boundaries
More Cool Xyicon Features

Getting Started with Xyicon

Getting started with Xyicon

Our customers proclaim significant ROI by automating repetitive tasks, increasing data quality and accelerating data dissemination.

Cut procurement costs by 15%

Cut procurement
costs by 15%

Xyicon’s superior planning features allow you to better match equipment allocation to business workflows. This results in earlier and more precise equipment counts to help sharpen budgets and reduce spending.

Slash time spent on critical tasks by 95%

Slash time spent on
critical tasks by 95%

Xyicon’s drag and drop experience, linkable xyicons, powerful calculations and customizable catalogs spark a new evolution of efficiency. Our customers crunch project deliverable timelines from months to days and shrink repetitive tasks from minutes to seconds 

Reduce data errors by 80%

Reduce data
errors by 80%

Users are blind to errors lost in endless spreadsheet data. Xyicon’s instant visual feedback spotlights inaccuracies before they happen. Guided by accurate data, your team can move forward with a new found confidence.

Start Thinking Outside Spreadsheets

Start Thinking Outside Spreadsheets

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