Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most commonly raised questions about SpaceRunner


What is SpaceRunner used for?
SpaceRunner is used to help solve unique problems in Space Management, Asset Management, Business Process Management, Lab Move Management, IT Project Management (ITPM), etc., in healthcare, logistics, aerospace, laboratory, and retail industries. We’re the first platform that combines your design documents with the data you track.

Whether it is for ITPM purposes or as the last mile solution to visualize a large scale warehousing project, SpaceRunner can be used in any stage of a business. Check out our use-case-specific FAQ sections below to learn more.
Is SpaceRunner like AutoCAD?
No, AutoCAD is a computer-aided design tool. SpaceRunner provides a platform for you to visualize your data as a separate layer on top of the output of AutoCAD, Revit, or any other design tool.  
What are the basic requirements to start working with SpaceRunner?
If you have a design document (for example, a floor plan) in PDF format and a list of data you track, then you are ready to set up SpaceRunner.

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What if I don’t have a PDF of my Space? What do I do?
Don’t panic! You can create a space in any drawing program. As long as you can export the file as a PDF, you’re good to go!
Do I need to have a tool like AutoCAD to work with SpaceRunner?
Not at all. It is not necessary to have a full CAD drawing of your facility to use SpaceRunner. Our Professional Services team can offer options to help you create or modify a floor plan or design document. Just email us at
Do I have to install SpaceRunner?
No. SpaceRunner is cloud-based. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access it from anywhere.
What is your pricing model?
We offer several pricing models starting from Basic all the way up to Enterprise. Please check our pricing options to see which model works best for you.
Is my data secure?
Absolutely. We use the latest security technologies and standards to protect your data. Please read our privacy policy that outlines how we use, store, and safeguard your data.
Do you have a mobile app?
We do not have a mobile app at the moment. However, you can run SpaceRunner on all tablet devices using a browser.
Can I integrate SpaceRunner with other software?
We provide APIs that support the integration of SpaceRunner with a range of proprietary and nonproprietary systems. Please reach out to us at and our team will support you with your requirement.
Do you offer SpaceRunner in any other language?
Currently, we only offer SpaceRunner in English.
Do you provide technical support?
We provide support in many forms. You can reach us by  

- Using our Live Chat widget accessible from within SpaceRunner.  
- Dropping us an email at  
- Or calling us during our business hours (9 AM – 5 PM Pacific Standard Time).
My question is not covered in this FAQ.
No problem. Please reach out to us at and we will get in touch with you.
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Space and Move Management

What areas within Space and Move Management does SpaceRunner support?
  • Occupancy Maps
    Easily flag and identify vacant seats to see seating availability and capacity.
  • Scenarios
    Set up different custom views to ascertain the viability of your layouts. Use it to see which layout configuration meets your exact requirements.
  • Space division and allocation
    Using our Boundary feature, draw “boundaries” around specific areas of your space, no matter what shape it is. With the help of Formula Fields, quickly divide and allocate sections of your space by entering the allocation percentage per person or equipment.  

  • Space usage tracking and analytics
    Our Custom Reports can help you track and analyze the use of your space, be it your warehouse, office space, or lab space utilization.
Can I upload my floor plan to SpaceRunner?
Yes, you most certainly can. You can upload a PDF version of your floor plan or any other design document, be it a ceiling plan, a site map, even a patch panel, or a circuit board. Theoretically, you can upload anything you want.
How many floor plans can I upload?
Our basic package allows you to add up to 50 spaces. The number of spaces you can upload is determined by your subscription model. Please visit our pricing page to learn more.  
Can I plan my space “to-scale” in SpaceRunner?
Absolutely. When you upload the PDF version of your space, you can set your desired scale as well as the units of measurement for your scale. Currently, SpaceRunner supports millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, and meters. You can also determine the scale of your standard and model icons that you would place on this space.  
Can I divide and label my space?
Using our Boundary feature, you can divide and categorize your space into predefined areas like parking lots, work cubicles, server rooms, security zones, lab assignments, etc. The boundary can also take any shape you want.
Can I calculate the area I assign to a person based on a percentage?
Yes. Using a combination of our Boundary and Formula Fields features, you can easily calculate the square area of your space. Our clients who own research labs use the same features to automatically assign specific work areas, like lab benches based on allocation percentages and ratios.  
I have several buildings with multiple floors. Can SpaceRunner help me manage all of them?
Our Portfolio feature is a great way to separate, organize, manage, and keep track of multiple buildings. For instance, one of our clients in the logistic real estate industry uses this feature to manage over 3000 warehouses across the globe.

You can also use portfolios to manage sites, campuses, geographical regions, building complexes, etc.   
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Asset Management

Can I track all assets across my organization?
The short answer is yes. You can add, update, track, and generate reports on any asset, be it equipment, furniture, fixtures, or people.
Can I create a catalog of my own assets?
Yes! You can absolutely create your own catalog of assets in SpaceRunner.  
Can I use SpaceRunner to see where my assets are located on my floor plan?
You can use our Xyicon feature to represent any asset you own and place them on your floor plan as you would a real asset. You can even link xyicons to keep track of important relationships between assets. Use xyicons (assets) together with boundaries (e.g., rooms) and have information automatically propagate between the two.
Can I track my assets in real-time?
We do not support geo-tracking as a standard feature yet. However, we provide API’s that can be integrated with a range of proprietary and nonproprietary systems. Please reach out to us at so, we can help you with your requirements.
Can I use SpaceRunner to link my assets?
Yes of course! SpaceRunner is highly configurable and can help you map relationships between different assets. For example, in a typical office space, you can link an employee to potential IT assets that they own, furniture that they use etc.
Can I customize the attributes/fields that I would like to track per asset?
Absolutely. Depending on your requirements, you can customize the fields you want to track per asset, such as connectivity, maintenance due dates, and more. You can also set up color formatting rules for your assets so they get flagged when they meet predefined conditions, such as the asset not being connected to a port or under service.  
Can I use SpaceRunner to calculate asset depreciation, service, and calibration due dates?
Yes, you can! Using our Formula Fields feature, you can write a series of formulas to derive your desired output. Furthermore, you can set up color formatting rules to highlight assets where service or calibration is due.
Can I track warranty information per asset?
Yes. You can connect any document with important information to each “Xyicon.” There are no limits to the type of information you can attach. Be it warranty information, service level agreements, contracts, images, manuals, you name it.
Does SpaceRunner support asset tagging and tracking using barcodes?
We do not support this functionality at this moment.
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Business Process Management

Can I use SpaceRunner to map my business process?
Yes. Our range of features helps you map and visualize your business processes beyond a simple flow chart. One of our most impressive case studies in this area is how a client in the private jet industry used SpaceRunner to streamline their critical business processes and reduced the time taken to perform the same tasks from 6 months to 6 days.
Can I use SpaceRunner to operationalize my processes?
Definitely! SpaceRunner can easily turn abstract ideas and objectives into measurable observations and concrete goals. For example, using SpaceRunner, our client identified, captured, stored, and mapped individual pieces of equipment on digital floor plans across 67 healthcare sites in 90 days. All this was achieved by a small team of only 6 people.  
I want to track and improve the efficiencies of my business processes. Can SpaceRunner help me?
SpaceRunner can reduce and, in some cases, eliminate inefficiencies caused by over-complicated processes. For example, one of our clients uses SpaceRunner as a virtual walkthrough of their warehouse spaces (totaling over 850,000 sq ft across five continents) to get immediate insights on the optimal utilization of the space in terms of racks and bins. Potential customers who rent their warehouses can see the available space for quick decision-making. Additionally, existing customers can update their rented space with information relevant to them, thereby eliminating process inefficiencies caused by miscommunicated requirements.

The same client also uses SpaceRunner as their backbone to minimize costs, ensure transparency, increase efficiency, and improve infrastructure during the last mile of business offering. Information collected through their IoT sensors and other means is shared with users and stakeholders in real-time for immediate feedback. Because the data is always up to date, the lead time for report generation is reduced, enabling our client and their customers to make quick and accurate decisions.  
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