Unlimited Users

How can you put a price on having all of your assets laid out clearly on a visual floor plan?  Each Xyicon represents thousands or even millions of dollars in assets. With unlimited users for your company it gives you the flexibility to add, remove, or limit who has access to your Projects. Staff come and go and keeping up with individual licenses is a nightmare for Accounting, HR, and IT. With unlimited users, you can determine who has access and what level of access to your Projects with just a few clicks on a keyboard.

Expert Assistance

When you are partnered with one of our SpaceRunner Experts, we take the time individually to assist with setting up your Projects. Our team assisted in building the product you're using, so their interest level and commitment to your success is high. Online chat support, tutorial videos, and even one on one web meetings are all part of the Enterprise pricing of SpaceRunner.

Completely Customizable

It is important to us to have SpaceRunner work the way you need it for your business.  Preset fields, categories, or even data rarely work for everyone. We have made a blank canvas for you to start customizing your data to fit your particular business. We are committed to making your experience with SpaceRunner easy and simple to use. 

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