A cloud-based platform that lets you optimize operations, projects and strategic issues.
Simplify planning, outfitting, maintenance, and asset governance.

Strategic Hexa


“There is no better option to make sure that IT and Operations send us high-quality data for budgeting and governance.”



“You see immediately that this system was designed for one purpose: to make absolutely everything we do with physical assets as simple as possible."



“Without SpaceRunner, it would be virtually impossible to handle everyday operations and service tasks with the same efficiency and accuracy we achieve today."

Behind every icon is an asset
with all of its attribute and location data.


Governance • Budgeting
Compliance • Risk Mitigation

 ✔ Single, authoritative source of complete and current data on equipment.

 ✔ Cloud-based, centralized, accessible.

 ✔ Improved tracking reliability, governance and security for assets.

SpaceRunner integrates with other platforms like BIM, CAFM, and ITAM for extended solutions that cross company boundaries. Let us show you.

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Construction • Design
Equipment Refresh • Moves

 ✔ Determine equipment needs.

 ✔ Optimize workflow and utilization for business spaces.

 ✔ See how all equipment and assets interrelate.

Deploys quickly and easily. Try SpaceRunner for your next project.

Buildings • Campuses
Hospitals • Offices

✔ Manage equipment and facilities visually for ease and accuracy.

 ✔ An easy-to-use platform that helps technicians and operations staff coordinate and complete their work more quickly. 

 ✔ Simplify ongoing maintenance. 

SpaceRunner is a convenient productivity booster for staff who maintain assets daily, as well as for intermittent users. Features like instant icon creation, maintenance events, and layer filters provide flexibility and visual clarity.

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We could not have opened our new hospital on schedule without this tool. With SpaceRunner, we planned and managed thousands of pieces of equipment for 80 departments, ensuring that everything was in the right place at the right time.
— Mark Castillo, Consultant Specialist Project Manager – Kaiser Permanente