Use SpaceRunner
to visualize your IT asset plan

a new building project

Plan corporate moves and relocations

Arrange refurbishments and renovations

Map out your current IT assets

Gain a complete understanding
of your IT assets

Thoroughly assimilate your IT assets at a glance

Even with IT assets spread across all your floor plans, rapidly locating vital information is a breeze.

  • Harness customizable xyicons to illustrate your IT equipment
  • Drag and drop xyicons to swiftly populate all your floor plans
  • Store meaningful details in each of your IT asset xyicons

Efficiently streamline complex IT asset relationships

Observe and edit your conditions and connections between assets, all in one location.

  • Replicate IT asset relations using links
  • Extract crucial relational data with custom formulas
  • Institute conditions that visually highlight specified criteria

Readily scale your IT asset plan in SpaceRunner

As your business grows, planning your IT assets with SpaceRunner will save you time and money

  • Copy, paste, and stamp your assets for repeated templates
  • Xyicons placed on a floor plan automatically inherit floor-plan-related data
  • Compose bulk updates between your spreadsheets and SpaceRunner

Real-time collaboration made simple

SpaceRunner is the easy-to-use solution for displaying real-time IT asset updates for all your teams.

  • Focus on team-relevant information with custom views
  • Gain meaningful insights from coworkers using mark-ups
  • A web-based platform that can be used by anyone, without specialized training

Data-rich reports that ensure informed decision-making

SpaceRunner reports condense your data into one highly coherent format for improved presentability.

  • Instantly generate standard reports for routine usage
  • Compose custom reports for your distinct requirements
  • Present report data in graphical, tabular, visual or combined formats

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Let the numbers speak

Our customers experienced:


Increase In productivity


Increase in data accuracy


Drop in procurement costs




Smart, interactive icons that can represent anything


View your space like never before


Create data connections that matter


Simplify complex calculations through visualization

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