We could not have opened the
Anaheim Medical Center without
Fusion (SpaceRunner). With their cloud platform, we planned and managed
thousands of pieces of equipment for
80 departments ensuring
that everything was in the right
place at the right time.
— Mark Castillo, Consultant Specialist Project Manager, Kaiser Permanente

The Solution

To ensure an on-time and successful opening, the Anaheim Medical Center project team leveraged Xyicon's cloud application to oversee the install over 2,000 PCs, 1,000 printers, 2,000 phones and thousands of other pieces of equipment across various buildings. Using Xyicon’s powerful, web-based solution, Fusion, the project team forecasted, tracked and managed all IT equipment. In addition, our software was used during templating, station reviews, equipment optimization and deployment processes.


Business Challenges

  • Historically, equipment installs of this magnitude for a greenfield site were very challenging, time consuming, and costly.
  • Static documentation often had out-of-date equipment information.
  • Using spreadsheets to manually track equipment was prone to errors.
  • During station reviews, adjustments were made to paper floor plans with colored pens and whiteout.


  • By using our software, the Anaheim Medical Center was able to reduce IT equipment planning and installation lead time, error-rates and costs.
  • The project team was able to automate the templating process saving time and reducing errors.
  • Leveraging our software’s real time, online review and update features, the Anaheim Medical Center dramatically increased the efficiency of its station review meetings. Project managers and department admins were able to clearly see the equipment in each room to easily make changes and quickly align and make decisions.
  • Equipment vendor meetings became more productive and efficient — what used to take up to 4 weeks was compressed to less than 4 days.
  • More accurate device counts resulted in reduced procurement costs.
  • Deployment technicians were armed with a complete floor plan generated by our software, with device details and customized cut sheets enabling them to place equipment quicker and smoother throughout the medical center.