SpaceRunner enables CFOs, COOs, facilities directors, IT leaders, and project managers to save time, cut costs, and meet company goals related to physical assets and business spaces.

Employees quickly master SpaceRunner's visual approach to equipment, offices, and assets. Its frictionless adoption by project teams ensures comprehensive, reliable data for budgeting, planning, collaboration, and governance.

• Improves internal controls with complete,
up-to-date, accurate views and lists.

• Integrates with construction-related systems for
a solution that goes beyond enterprise boundaries.

• Eliminate asset redundancies and control costs by seeing equipment in position.

• Discover targeted strategic issues with advanced visualization capabilities.

More Accurate Planning

Budgeting, Forecasting,
Asset Acquisitions

Strategic functions related to facilities and assets require accurate data that shows what’s in place, and what will be added. SpaceRunner improves confidence in reports, analysis, and budgets.

✔ The combination of floor plan views and spreadsheet lists makes planners and analysts more productive.

✔ Identify, document, and certify physical asset lists.

✔ Insight-driven corporate budgeting based on a visual foundation for decision support.


Strategic More Accurate Planning Forecasting Asset.png

Improved Asset Governance and Data Integrity

Strategic Office Building Risk Mitigation Compliance.png

Risk Mitigation, Compliance, Internal Controls 

SpaceRunner saves staff time and helps planners, analysts, and other decision-makers to collaborate and work efficiently. Its centralized, cloud-based approach ensures a single, trusted source to replace spreadsheet silos.

✔ Makes it practical, achievable, and efficient to collect and maintain complete data on assets.

✔ Users adopt SpaceRunner easily, regardless of their department or role in the company.

✔ Preventing equipment damage, loss, and theft is supported by photographic and floor plan views of the assets.

✔ Compliance checks and upgrades are easier to plan and carry out.


Collaboration for Productivity

Inter-department, Inter-company, and Vertical Communication

Projects most often break down or stall at the interfaces between disparate teams and departments, where communication is stalled by lack of a common terminology, data silos that don’t coincide, or fuzzy transmission of information. SpaceRunner delivers the always up-to-date, web-accessed data foundation which overcomes these barriers and improves project, operational, and strategic collaboration.

✔ SpaceRunner provides a shared visual “language” and reference foundation for collaboration between teams, and even with external partners.

✔ Differences in terminology and naming are immediately overcome with easily understood Xyicons and floor plan views.

✔ Decision-makers, analysts, budgeters, project leaders and operations managers work together more efficiently and easily.

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