Boundaries Make Your Space Interactive

Automatically create relationships between your Xyicons by drawing a boundary around any business area.


Easy Area Definition

Draw a rectangle – or virtually any shape -  to define a room or other space on a floor plan. Use color to further categorize these areas.



Set Attributes Automatically

Place a Xyicon into a boundary and it will automatically take on the attributes such as building, floor, room or department.



Layered Boundaries

Layer your boundaries in SpaceRunner to boost automation. By nesting your room boundaries within department boundaries, location details will update automatically as you move Xyicons around your space.


Feature Page Images-SquareFootageArea-08.png

Square Footage Calculation

The ability to determine square footage is effortless in SpaceRunner. Need to know how many square feet the Accounting Department is? Draw a boundary and SpaceRunner will do the math. Are there unoccupied areas?  Let SpaceRunner boundaries calculate the space available.



Boundaries Simplify and Speed Up Projects

The speed and convenience of grouping large numbers of equipment within boundaries, improves project execution and planning. Not only do SpaceRunner boundaries enable new levels of detail, they get you there with much less chance of data errors.

Other SpaceRunner Features


What is a Xyicon?
Store your data in a visual icon.

Excel Add-in
Benefit from Excel's tool-set while updating your data live.

Track issue tickets, maintenance requests, and RFIs.


View your floor plan, site maps, or any other diagram.

Refine your space with interactive hotspots.

Take photos in real time, and link them to items along with support documents.

Personalize your icons and create consistent models and descriptions.

Clipboard Integration
Quickly move data in and out of SpaceRunner.