What is a Xyicon?

The name Xyicon is a combination of an icon with X,Y coordinates. Xyicons are intuitive visual representations of
equipment, cabling, staff, or any other object in SpaceRunner. They are dynamic data containers tracking
any attribute such as model, serial number, asset tag, or location.

 maybe one large icon surrounded by smaller one

Visual Icon

Quickly and easily create Xyicons with the image, shape, and text of your choosing. Position Xyicons
on the floor plan for a visual display of where each item is located. SpaceRunner will add borders,
flags, and counters to reflect your equipment's
status automatically.

 show an icon, show fields with values and possibly show some JSON code with braces to give a techy visual effect

Data Container

Xyicons are dynamic data containers that store common attributes from model number and department to serial number and warranty information. Need to track more detail? Create custom fields
to track all of your equipment's details. 



Other SpaceRunner Features

What is a Xyicon?
Store your data in a visual icon.

Excel Add-in
Benefit from Excel's tool-set while updating your data live.

Track issue tickets, maintenance requests, and RFIs.

View your floor plan, site maps, or any other diagram.

Refine your space with interactive hotspots.

Take photos in real time, and link them to items along with support documents.

Personalize your icons and create consistent models and descriptions.

Clipboard Integration
Quickly move data in and out of SpaceRunner.


noun   |   xy·icon   |   [zahy-con]   |   \ˈzīˌkän\

1. A custom icon and data container, representing an object and its attributes, placed on a space or floor plan with an x-coordinate and y-coordinate.
2. A company which harnessed its expertise in visualizingprovisioning, and managing the myriad devices, objects, and other things in large, multi-site facilities to develop a new Space Visualization Cloud Application called SpaceRunner.