Your equipment doesn't live on a spreadsheet so why look at it that way? See your data in the "Space" that it lives.
SpaceRunner serves as a canvas to visualize your data.

Spaces Gallery Tablet

Start with a Floor Plan

Upload PDFs of your floor plans, site maps or any other diagram. SpaceRunner will create interactive "Spaces" where your data will live.

Spaces Gallery

The Spaces Gallery lets you visually navigate your uploaded PDFs. Simply select the thumbnail of the Space you want to view.



Quick Edit

Editing Xyicons is made simple with the Quick Edit Panel.

  • Update all your field data such as name, serial number or asset tag
  • Create new Event tickets
  • Attach a photo to the Xyicon
  • Create interactive relationships between your Xyicons
  • Paint a boundary around the Xyicon
  • Rotate Xyicons on the floor plan
  • Copy/Paste your Xyicons
  • Bulk update a group of Xyicons



Display your custom field data next to Xyicons on your space. See exactly the data you need when you need it.




Xyicons are organized by layers or categories of equipment that can quickly be toggled on and off. Show PCs and printers for IT staff or turn on low voltage and power outlets for your electrical contractor.


Feature Page Images-PDFExport-33.png

PDF Export

Export your Space to a PDF including Xyicons, Captions and Boundaries. Tailor your export by setting scale, caption size and notations.



Other SpaceRunner Features

What is a Xyicon?
Store your data in a visual icon.

Excel Add-in
Benefit from Excel's tool-set while updating your data live.

Track issue tickets, maintenance requests, and RFIs.

View your floor plan, site maps, or any other diagram.

Refine your space with interactive hotspots.

Take photos in real time, and link them to items along with support documents.

Personalize your icons and create consistent models and descriptions.

Clipboard Integration
Quickly move data in and out of SpaceRunner.