Events: Report, Check, Fix

Events lets you set up and manage tasks such as equipment deployment, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
You define the tasks, assign responsibility, and track progress.


Create Events Easily

Creating a SpaceRunner Event takes just a few seconds. Click on a Xyicon, fill in the Event description, assign it, and set a date. Events can be work orders, trouble tickets, or any task related to your Xyicons.


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Find on a Floor Plan

Jump from your work order event directly to the equipment on the floor plan using our "Open in Space" feature.

Email Alerts and Deadlines

When you create an Event, you assign the task to a person, and SpaceRunner notifies them via email. The Xyicon is marked with a flag on the floor plan to indicate that an Event is pending.



Events for Any Project Detail


SpaceRunner events are a convenient workflow feature that allow users to create "To Do" tasks and track them.


Other SpaceRunner Features


What is a Xyicon?
Store your data in a visual icon.

Excel Add-in
Benefit from Excel's tool-set while updating your data live.

Track issue tickets, maintenance requests, and RFIs.


View your floor plan, site maps, or any other diagram.

Refine your space with interactive hotspots.

Take photos in real time, and link them to items along with support documents.

Personalize your icons and create consistent models and descriptions.

Clipboard Integration
Quickly move data in and out of SpaceRunner.