Edit Revit in the Cloud

*put this quote up in Carousel? "When I make a change or markup on site, I want to know it's captured correctly in the BIM
before I even head back to the office."

Design, build and deliver construction projects more easily
with SpaceRunner, the online workspace for Revit BIMs.

Project participants working online need to do more than just see and mark up PDF floor plans on their tablet. The ability to easily update and correct the BIM model in the cloud — anywhere, anytime — frees authorized users to get their jobs done faster. WIth SpaceRunner, you can safely create a new class of Revit users - who enjoy flexible access via the cloud to only the specific elements that you allow.

 ✔  Changes to design requirements can be captured directly from the job site, keeping the BIM current and authoritative.

 ✔  Your markups feed automatically into the BIM. Only SpaceRunner eliminates the hassles and errors that come with manual transfer of markups into a Revit model.

 ✔  Model managers no longer need to import and export data. They simply approve updates, which then sync automatically from SpaceRunner into the BIM. 

 ✔  A wider range of contributors  - including construction trades, equipment consultants, and building owners - can help update the BIM via SpaceRunner.

 ✔  Collaboration improves — making the construction process easier and more hassle-free.


Two integrated enterprise applications, replacing disconnected data silos

SpaceRunner, the web-based solution used to visualize, equip, and manage construction sites and business spaces, creates a seamless bridge to Revit. It also provides a simple, visual environment for working with the BIM, and frees the architect from tedious lists or spreadsheet approaches. 

SpaceRunner easily replaces most data silos - usually spreadsheets - which many architecture firms have tolerated, for lack of a better alternative. The result is a single connected, authoritative Revit / SpaceRunner platform where information is consistent and never misplaced. 

Stop just marking up pdf floorplans. start editing your bim.

Now, with the integration of SpaceRunner and Revit, authorized users can easily provide updates to Revit models, as well as obtain the views they need – all via cloud access. 

RevRunner Measle Chart.png


Gives Revit users a dynamic new capability: Drillable, editable multi-model views

SpaceRunner provides a completely new functionality to those who live and work in a Revit world: combine views from multiple BIMs into a fully intelligent, fully drillable view. Users can edit instances and “families” of key items from multiple Revit models.



Revit is No longer Just for Architects and Engineers


Architects & Engineers: grow your revit team


Architects & Engineers: invite others to your revit model

Access and update Revit models: More users can add value

Architects, engineers, and project managers can now enlist construction, trades, medical equipment suppliers, and inspection professionals in completing construction and redesign tasks - via seamless interaction with BIMs. SpaceRunner is easy, simple, and fast. It enables natural, ongoing, mobile collaboration between everyone you authorize. 

SpaceRunner acts as a cloud portal to access Revit views, and to contribute data upstream to the BIM.  The original managers of the Revit model remain in control - don't worry. 

SpaceRunner expands your Revit team

Vital information formerly locked away for a select few can now be shared much more conveniently with the right project stakeholders. Authorized collaborators can access, edit, and mark up the Revit model from anywhere, via SpaceRunner. Your extended team can access and use authorized elements of the Revit model without installing the Revit system on their device. 

To sum up, SpaceRunner simplifies the more complex world of Revit, and lets you open it up to more users.

Empower any SpaceRunner user to help drive project completion
Authorized project contributors can create new RFIs, provide updates to Revit models, capture observations of progress in finish work, and accurately monitor Punch List completion. 

Architects and engineers find SpaceRunner keeps them in sync with other project participants:

  • Owners
  • Construction trades
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Build-out teams and interior architects
  • Project managers
  • Equipment specialists and/or vendors

If you want to enlist strong support from these professionals to help you drive project completion, see how SpaceRunner makes their jobs easier and keeps everyone’s information in sync.

Help for Architects and Engineers

"Mobilize" Revit

SpaceRunner makes it practical and efficient to use mobile devices in the field to “Spot and Dot” onsite, verify punch lists, and update Revit models. SpaceRunner serves as a data bridge from the building and SpaceRunner teams, to the upstream Revit model and the architectural and engineering teams.  Using SpaceRunner’s built-in Revit editor, data contributions from the worksite can feed directly to the Revit BIM. 


SpaceRunner: Easier access and fresher project data to make your job easier

Enlist other project contributors to help catch and document missing or incomplete items at the building level, and keep your Revit BIMs current. Via SpaceRunner, they can:

  • Access key portions of the BIM and update them on the go.
  • Get easy, hassle-free access to sheets and view of floor plans which they need to do their jobs.
  • Update Revit BIM models faster, accurately, expending much less effort to verifying the new data is integrated correctly. 
  • Markups for RFIs, and checkoffs or exceptions for Punch Lists, are obtained and integrated more rapidly and with high accuracy.

The owner or manager of the Revit model maintains control of which updates are accepted. The trades and other onsite professionals can easily stay in sync at all times, using the same information as your Revit model.

Keep control, but capitalize on SpaceRunner’s ease of use

The Revit model admin/owner can specify which users may view and edit Revit information – and what Revit information will be viewed and made available for editing.  Choose which views and families that SpaceRunner uses for viewing, editing, changing, and deleting.VERIFY this???????????????

Save time and money

SpaceRunner makes it a snap to send a list of electrical outlet locations to a subcontractor, without creating schedules of equipment. Architects, engineers, consultants, and others can understand actual usage of the space more easily, and identify possible RFI needs earlier, lowering costs.

RFIs: SpaceRunner is the ideal solution for letting project participants initiate and manage RFIs, which otherwise can be time-consuming and require multiple iterations to confirm changes to data.

Punchlists: SpaceRunner is geared to walking the business space and capturing updates in mobile devices. 

Revit and SpaceRunner: The Best Combination

Revit models at the core, SpaceRunner as their cloud portal

Take a moment to consider all the interactions between professionals who use Revit, and those who don’t – throughout a construction project. There are often challenges with collaboration, sharing information, and syncing fresh data from the site into the Revit model. “Whose design change or update to the punch list is most current?” and: “Are you sure all that spreadsheet data on the equipment going into installation, got entered into Revit?” are typical concerns that arise.

The combination of Revit and SpaceRunner makes it easier to complete all phases of construction projects. Authorized users – wherever they are - can easily select and access the particular floor plans (sheets or views) they need from Revit. They also use cloud-based SpaceRunner to capture data, and a built-in “Revit editor” enables updates to the Revit model. The Revit owner – usually an architect – will maintain control. They can quickly approve RFI markups and Punch List updates, which are synced automatically into the Revit BIM model.

With SpaceRunner to complement Revit, there is no need to manage multiple platforms to sync updates.

One authoritative database: The Revit BIM

Ensure the Revit model remains the single authoritative repository of data, current and complete, trusted by all users. 

Keep data, people, and tasks in sync

The integration with SpaceRunner simplifies data transfer and merging. Revit data for SpaceRunner users, and data collected for the Revit BIM model via SpaceRunner, are accessible and combined automatically without consuming professional time and resources.  Tasks, projects, documents, and people remain in sync, supporting on-schedule task completion.

The only Revit extension that improves data governance

SpaceRunner is a centralized, ID-protected enterprise application that maintains an authoritative data repository covering every item: electrical outlets, cabling, AC units, built-ins. Every item added to, or deleted from, the floor plan is by definition synchronized in the SpaceRunner database. This is completely different than importing and exporting spreadsheets of - for example - medical equipment in a hospital project.