Moves, upgrades, and technology migrations are completed faster and more successfully with SpaceRunner. This web-based application transforms tedious tasks and makes project work more efficient.


Your team interacts easily and naturally with a floor plan and asset icons (Xyicons) that they can see and control. Behind the visual display is rock-solid, accurate data on each physical asset.

  • SpaceRunner is an enterprise-grade application for which employees need only a few pointers
    to use effectively.
  • See how your business spaces, equipment, and assets interrelate.
  • Project teams and leaders use SpaceRunner to navigate through each phase — planning, 
    procurement, and installation — with everyone in sync.

SpaceRunner makes it significantly easier for the project staff to deliver richer and more robust data on every piece of equipment. Higher data integrity from the start minimizes errors throughout the entire project. 

Optimize Project Workflow

Track details and tasks, without the frustration

SpaceRunner is an enterprise application which cuts manual work for your project team — leading to better data collection and task completion. Views and filters allow the diverse job roles connected to the project — planners, installers, technicians, CFOs — to look into the forest and see just the trees they need to analyze.

✔ Details of the relationship between different types of equipment — cabling, furniture, computing, and machinery — are simple to see.

✔ The centralized platform avoids a known project pitfall; duplication of work. Teams that overlap in time and space can work together more effectively.

✔ IT devices, medical equipment, and furnishings are placed correctly, the first time.

What really makes projects miss deadlines? Often, it’s small obstacles that add up: the project designer was using last year's model; an extra 0 triggers a PO for 100 assets instead of 10. SpaceRunner’s combined visual and data reference keeps your people moving ahead, hitting their milestones with reduced errors and backtracking. 

Projects Workflow SpaceRunner Floor Plan Design.png

Frictionless Planning and Design Sessions

Energized collaboration around a visual interface

Projects Design Sessions.jpg

Start the project — equipment upgrade, office move, or technology migration — with clarity and collective understanding. You don’t need power users. Everyone understands; nobody is lost. A field staffer could walk in the room, immediately grasp the situation, and contribute helpful comments.

✔ Determine equipment and budget needs by cubicle, room, department — with a glance at the layout.

✔ See how equipment and assets will interact for job productivity and optimize the use of each business space.

✔ Incorporate changes immediately in design sessions to show stakeholders how their space will appear and where their assets will be.

✔ Turn asset layers and captions on and off, based on your audience and the specific topic being discussed. Filter the data to see only what is helpful for each step of planning. 

✔ Import data directly into the Xyicons (your tracked assets) using the Excel Add-in. See the changes reflected immediately in your space.


Procurement, Equipment Deployment,
and Quality Assurance Testing

Supports everyday project work tasks with time-saving features – without feature overload

How does SpaceRunner help make procurement, installation, and quality testing “successful”? In projects involving thousands of assets, it’s often by simply getting the details clear without bogging down teams in data entry. This cuts down mistakes, problems are handled quickly, and confusion about where a printer goes is resolved on the spot. With SpaceRunner, you can:

✔ Determine equipment needs quickly and accurately by using both floor plan and list views.

✔ Know exactly where every piece of equipment is placed and where it plugs in.

✔ Create trouble tickets and attach photos during QA for further review, including deployment problems, locked doors, damage, or missing equipment. 

Equipment status, locations and counts are instantly clear. Changes are easy to enact, and immediately visible to all users.

Projects Procurement Construction Equipment Deployment QA SpaceRunner.jpeg


Once a project is completed, physical assets and business spaces need maintenance, tracking, and stewardship. In SpaceRunner, valuable data is ready for the next step: ongoing operations.