• BasicBusinessEnterprise
  • Xyicons
    2,50050,000 250,000
    Xyicons are the "things" (Equipment, Assets, People) you want to track in SpaceRunner. Each individual Xyicon is a record in your account’s database. The number of Xyicons (or records) allowed for your account is determined by your subscription level.
  • Spaces
    5250 Unlimited
    A Space describes the PDF document that you load into SpaceRunner. Spaces can be floor plans, drawings, or any image that represents the place your Xyicons or “things” reside.
  • Projects
    1 25 Unlimited
    Spaces are grouped into Projects to help you organize and control access to your data.
  • Users
    5 25 Unlimited
    Users are individuals who have access to your SpaceRunner Account. Based on their privileges, users can add Spaces, Xyicons, initiate Repair Events and more.
  • Enterprise Features
    N/A Available Included
    Enterprise features include: Xyicon Boundaries (used to generate department and room information), Square Footage Calculators, Custom Xyicon Classes and other advanced features.
  • Technical Support
    Dedicated Account Representative
    Technical Support is available business hours Monday to Friday 9AM–5PM PST. Our support specialists can explain features, troubleshoot technical issues, or make recommendations on getting the most out of your subscription.
  • Setup Costs
    Included Included Included
    There are no additional fees to activate your account.
  • Monthly Subscription
    $100 $500 Contact for Quote
    The monthly cost for access to the SpaceRunner software. Enterprise level subscribers should call for a customized quote.
  • Professional Services
  • Training Webinars
    Included Included Included
    Webinars are offered on an on-going basis and topics include how-tos, SpaceRunner best practices and Q&A forums. Please visit our webinar schedule for a full listing.
  • Account Walkthrough
    $250Included Included
    An Account Walkthrough is a private consultation with a Support Specialist to assist you in configuring your Catalog, Fields, and Users. The Account Walkthrough is highly recommended for new SpaceRunner Accounts.