SpaceRunner is a web-based enterprise solution that helps Operations and Facilities track and care for physical assets.


Operations groups often hold responsibility for the upkeep and security of thousands of pieces of equipment and furniture. The approach of walking around with a clipboard and lists is now replaced with SpaceRunner’s visual, mobile-friendly approach to equipment, offices, and assets. Your teams can see at a glance where every asset should be, and easily track maintenance Events in SpaceRunner. 

  • Enables operations and service teams to work more rapidly and reduce time loss.
  • Immediate visual floor plan reference helps improve security and oversight of valuable equipment.
  • Filter on an asset type for the specific view needed by service or maintenance personnel.

Always current and accessible to authorized personnel on different teams, giving them a “shared language” for the assets they use and maintain.

Asset Management

Combine data and capabilities from multiple sources

Current data on each IT or office item of value is the essence of asset management. SpaceRunner is designed to make data acquisition easy, not mind-numbing – and your staff will find there is almost no learning curve to get in their way. 

✔ SpaceRunner allows barcode and other asset tags to be scanned for fast data capture.
✔ Helps quickly identify incorrect locations for equipment and other assets.
✔ Output cutsheets that are filtered by port, room, router, floor, or equipment type. 

SpaceRunner is a rigorous, centralized repository for asset data – giving a dynamic, detailed picture critical for everyday jobs. At the same time, it can feed the latest information on equipment and IT assets to other applications and departments: Budgeting, Security, Facilities. 

Operations Asset Management Barcode Scanner into Tablet SpaceRunner.jpeg

Maintenance and Service: Streamlined, Self-Explanatory

Create and send events, tickets, and notes about your equipment or space

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Service and maintenance are collaborative activities, and SpaceRunner is designed to help different teams work together without friction or confusion, using its reliable data and visual environment. It quickly shows how it can be fundamentally easier for service and maintenance staff to keep devices operational and employees productive. SpaceRunner’s events capabilities are streamlined and self-explanatory.

✔ Users can create Events like service requests for any asset in a few seconds.
✔ Next, they send the Event to the relevant people – distributing maintenance requests or service calls as assignments.
✔ Reports on outcomes and task completion are simple and to the point. Did the job get done? Who did it, when did they complete it, and how did it turn out?

Service and maintenance on a bedrock data foundation, accessed by your people through a visual environment, quickly proves to be the ideal approach for these processes.


Max Out Productivity for Every Square Foot

Fulfill the intended purpose of each physical business area

 Employee Space Management Boundary Area Definition

SpaceRunner has all the features that operations groups need to make the most of employee occupancy and available square footage. Despite this, the system is surprisingly simple to use for ongoing stewardship of equipment and assets.   

✔ The Boundary feature enables users to establish and color-code multiple areas on a floor plan to define rooms, departments, closets, or any other area.
✔ Assign specific fields and attributes to each defined space, which automatically pass to the Xyicons (asset icons) in those spaces.
✔ Xyicons may inherit data from the boundaries within which they reside.

These kinds of capabilities, joined with a single centralized database and data-rich floor plans, help your people get their jobs done smoothly, without mistakes or backtracking.


Planning a facility renovation, office move, or equipment upgrade? SpaceRunner lets projects move to a faster beat.