SpaceRunner is a web-based planning and management solution that visualizes equipment, assets, and other data on any virtual image, map or floor plan. 

Operations Teams can cost-effectively manage their facility assets and equipment for all phases of system maintenance, space management, and reporting. SpaceRunner identifies and eliminates complications to the workflow.

Ensure efficient operations and data accuracy with real-time detail updates. Data can be viewed on a feature-rich floor plan, in coordination with multiple teams and departments.



Buildings • Campuses
Hospitals • Offices


Asset Management

Import data, export cutsheets from the application, scan data in

Notes for Section

- Scan asset tags into SR, see where they belong

-Manage equipment and facilities visually for ease and accuracy.

-Filter by port, room, router, floor, or equipment  type. 


Maintenance Requests, Reports

Feature Page Images-14.png

Create and send events, tickets, and notes about your equipment or space.


Notes for Section:

-Create service requests, maintenence requests, reporting and ticketing


Simplify ongoing maintenance.

Set up service requests, maintenance.

Boost collaboration across groups.


Space Management, Employee Occupancy, Square Footage

 Employee Space Management Boundary Area Definition

Define areas using boundaries

Our boundary feature lets you define and color code multiple areas on your space. Define rooms, departments, closets, or any other area and give it specific fields and attributes. Xyicons can inherit data from the boundaries they are a part of. Export PDFs of your space with the specific xyicons and boundaries that you want to see to provide to vendors and end users.

Notes for Section:

- Space Management, occupancy, tracking employees and department areas, square footage, layers