Industry Examples


Medical Facilities

Building a new hospital or medical office building is an enormous undertaking involving many teams and project timelines that stretch into years. Planning out the location and configuration of thousands of pieces of equipment is the task tailor-made for SpaceRunner's visual environment.

Energy Companies

Businesses and residential communications all over the country are converting to more energy efficient forms of lighting. A large-scale LED lighting conversion project will require accurate placement of thousands of fixtures and bulbs, as well as a way to notify the installation team of problems during deployment. Putting them all on a SpaceRunner floor plan and using the built-in event system for notifications can keep the project moving along smoothly.


Educational Institution

College campuses are filled with equipment. From computer labs to HVAC, knowing where equipment is and having its most important data at your fingertips is critical to maintaining these systems. Planning upgrades and moves is a constant process in these environments and SpaceRunner was built with just that purpose in mind.


Property Management

The success of any HOA management company or facility manager is based on the level of service that is provided to the properties they serve. SpaceRunner allows you to store a property’s buildings, common areas and equipment in its online database.

You will be able to not only visually see your equipment and its location, but also track issues, schedule maintenance, and monitor reserve study items. SpaceRunner helps to reduce overall costs and give a measurably higher level of service.


True to our company roots in Napa Valley, vineyard management companies are experiencing the benefits of SpaceRunner. As in many agricultural applications, acres of vineyards that contain pumps, valves, heavy equipment, and hundreds of plantings - all managed in SpaceRunner, even the maintenance records of tractor and harvesting equipment.